Wednesday, 21 May 2008

1980s Problems

A riot which followed a police raid on the Black and White Café in St Pauls on 2nd April 1980 formed a low point of the area's history. The St Pauls riot started when the police entered the Black and White Café, knowing that the premises was being used for drug dealing. A customer had his trousers ripped and demanded compensation, which the police refused. A crowd outside then refused to allow the police to leave, and when back up was called a riot started.[1] The riots were quickly blamed on race, but both white and black youths fought against the police and the problems are thought to have been linked instead to poverty and perceived social injustices, predominantly the Sus law prevalent at the time. The Black and White Cafe was closed in March 2005, and has been demolished to make way for houses after a compulsory purchase order was pushed through by the council. Now the area is experiencing a positive urban renewal with the St. Pauls Unlimited scheme. Along with Easton, Bristol the area has gained a reputation as a place to obtain heroin and more predominantly crack cocaine. This area of the city has also suffered it's share of gun violence, reaching a high point in in early 2000's when rival Yardie and drug gangs such as the Aggi Crew fought turf wars over territory

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