Monday, 5 May 2008

GAVIN WATSON Photos of Ex-Girlfriends

KELLEY“I first met Kelley in 1983 at an 18th birthday party. She was the only punk there and I was the only skinhead. Everybody else looked like Kevs and Norms so it was love at first sight. I took this photo in my bedroom at 16 Hawthorne Road, High Wycombe. This is where I lived almost my whole life. It was also where I took most of the photos in Skins. She was from Colnbrook, near Slough, which is a fucking shithole.”

TINA"This is Tina, aged 18. I met her in 1985 and we ended up having a child together. We broke up because I was a bit nuts. Her maternal instincts told her to get out of my house and escape to a quiet village in Oxfordshire."

LESLEY“This is Lesley. I met her at a rave just after I’d broken up with Tina in 1989. This was when the skinheads had started taking ecstasy and I was one of them. I just walked up to her and told her I fancied her. She told me she fancied me too so we snogged. Six years later she left me to study at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. She also worked at Buckingham Palace with the horses.”

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tandav said...

Tina doesn't looks like an 18 year old girl....i feel u were into pediphila at that age..... well there is nothing wrong in doing so because if the girl is happy with you then who am I to judge whether you are having what kid of sexual the way nice pictures